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This website is especially designed for the students of Family Resource Management , under the Faculty of Home Science. The major purpose of creating this site is to get exposed to the online world with views and outlooks.

The main focus of this site is to build and enhance our curriculum online. Students can assess class notes, lessons and curricular resources, even when they are at home.Main objective is to create a rich resource material to assist the students to better understand the subject.

The study of Home Science certainly improves students’ personality. It helps improve quality of life by developing correct attitudes and skills. Resources play an important role in achieving goals.

The uniqueness of this site is directly attributed to the fact that it directly addresses the students, leading to easy comprehension.

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Set Goals with Deadlines:  Successful individuals have specific goals,deadlines and action plans.Goals are just “pie in the sky’dreams until they have deadlines. In addition to goals and deadlines we need a plan of action. Make plan and take action is the basic rule of Management. Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement.To excel in your chosen field, find out what it takes to be the best-time, practice,
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In the west, especially, in the United States, Interior design has been accepted as a necessary aspect of living; but here in India, we still hold interior design as a glamorous subject, implying it to be a luxury, hence frivolous and so unnecessary. But now-a-days people are coming forward to understand that the pursuit and practice of interior design is useful, necessary, economical creating a
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A) IMPORTANCE OF GOOD TASTE Interior decoration is a creative art. Interior decoration and furnishing are too often considered as two separate subjects. This approach is not correct as they are two branches of same subject and should always be considered in relation to each other. Interior of the house should be such that it depict the personalities and tastes of the members of the