Set Goals with Deadlines: 

Successful individuals have specific goals,deadlines and action plans.Goals are just “pie in the sky’dreams until they have deadlines. In addition to goals and deadlines we need a plan of action. Make plan and take action is the basic rule of Management.

Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement.To excel in your chosen field, find out what it takes to be the best-time, practice, strong determination,commitment,sacrifice.

According to Emerson everyones primary need in life is somebody who will make us do what we can .At some time, we have all had that somebody- a parent,friend,teacher.But as adults,we have to be that somebody ourselves.We need the discipline to realize our potential, to keep up in our field,to use your time well,to eat right,and stay healthy-mentally and physically,and to stay with a task to completion.Self discipline is simply control.It should be remembered that we can not always contrl the circumstances but we can control our reaction or response.

Time management philosophy says :”Life is too short, do what counts first.”Making a list of things that needed to be done should be prepared.Priority number should be added on each item or each task.It is required to start a day with item number one or task number one, and work until the task is complete.Then go to another task and so forth.Spending your minute as wise as your money shuold be your motto.

The only difference between failure and success is doing something almost right and doing it exactly right.Doing quality work is always appreciated by the superiors.

Basically three motivating factors in management are-values goals and standards.In our life we are giving impotance to certain thing. We hold dear certain things which are called as values.Values are classified as Intrinsic and Extrinsic.Goals are nothing but our aim in life or the thing we want to achieve.These goals are termed –long term or long ranged,short term or short ranged,intermediate, depending on duration of its achievement.

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